Thursday, July 11, 2013

Flags all over: Day nine

An almost windless, warm day with barely a cloud in the sky most of the day. Not quite as warm as Tuesday, but the ice cream window was very popular at tea break:

The morning began with a surprise. Justin moved Sean and I out of the robber trench, into the area either close to where we'd started on day one (me), or adjacent to where Mark had found some huge flagstones (Sean) a little to the east. Claire and Peter took over the remaining areas of robber trench rubble we'd left yesterday afternoon. Sean quickly found two more huge flags, and after a brief period of indeterminate small stones and soil, I began to find large flat stones that had clearly been part of a floor, including yet another voussoir stone reused from the bathhouse. Most of my flagstones were smaller than Sean's and tilted significantly (orange) so don't look as clear or impressive as his (blue):

I had another couple of relatively nondescript small finds, as well as an extremely long nail, about 6 inches long. Gay hit a red hot streak though, with about four small finds, each a very different from the others. The remaining part of the team in the robber trench made good progress and only about 10% of the rubble remains to be shifted tomorrow:

Forecast for tomorrow is for sunny, even warmer weather, hopefully with many more flags scattered liberally...

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