Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Day two

Low clouds hovered overhead all day, but the rain thankfully held off until about 3:30. Time was called at 4 when the rain became a little steadier, but given the forecast we did well to get almost a full day in. 

Everyone pushed their slice of the trench down 3-6 inches or so, revealing another big flagstone next to the ones I worked yesterday, and a few more that may be part of the floor but are less obviously flags. At the western end of the trench it looks like there may be a wall appearing, forming an end to the building. Sean and I had many more nails and assorted pottery; I also turned up a golf ball sized piece of slag. Could be just a remnant from an earlier period rather than an indication of an industrial use for the building. Erin to my east had a couple of nice finds, one a spindle whorl, but again it's not clear if it really "belongs" with this late period structure.

Here's a closeup view of the area around my slice at the end of the day:

And a full view across the trench looking east, not looking a lot different to yesterday, but I think tomorrow we'll see things change a bit more significantly as we all get down to the floor level:

Supposed to be dry tomorrow, hopefully the forecasters have it right. 

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