Monday, June 10, 2013

Testing mobile apps for Blogger

As the trip nears I realize I need to test out some mobile blogging apps, so I can post quickly from the trench. BlogGo ($1.99) has more bells and whistles, more ways to change fonts and image sizes can be selected more easily. But, on an iPhone 4s the typing space is TINY. Blogger (free) is less customizable, but for basic blogging looks to be the one for me. I think the BlogGo interface could be modified to free up more space for typing and relegate the additional options to a popup; as it is now it becomes extremely difficult to edit once you have both text and an image present in your post. Because most people are by now using an iPhone 5 with a taller screen, it may be that the developer won't be interested in fixing this, but I think it could do with some cleaning up all the same...

Here's a screenshot of Blogger:

Followed by the much more cluttered look of BlogGo:

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