Saturday, May 22, 2010

Arrival at Twice Brewed

An unexpectedly traumatic day getting up to Vindolanda, after I realized I had left my boots at mum's house; this dawned on me as the train up to Newcastle was pulling in to the platform. My brother in law was kind enough to drive the 25 minutes to the station and hand deliver them to me... Having missed the train I had to buy a new ticket, but the rest of the day went smoothly and I made it to the Twice Brewed Inn by around 4:30. After a really good Northumberland burger I took a two hour walk up Steel Rigg, to the ridge where the wall overlooks the valley. I passed milecastle 39 on the way (below) and the view above Crag Lough was spectacular (above). Some glorious views all round as the sun dropped towards the horizon.

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